Violin Jaime Jacob featured image music
Violin Jaime Jacob featured image music

As a musician and violinist, I’ve had the fortune of collaborating with amazing artists from all over the world, from all kinds of artistic disciplines. Thanks to that I’ve become a versatile instrumentalist, having experience in Orchestral & Solo Playing, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music, Contemporary Opera/Theater and CD/Album Recordings.

career highlights

“Performance Poética – Leituras Encenadas de Ruy Belo”
A Corda Teatro in Rio Maior | Poetic Performance 2020

“Samuel Gapp – Trio & String Quartet”
Bernardo Sasseti Prize | CD Recording 2020

“O Inferno Ficou Mudo” by Telmo Lopes
Contemporary Chamber Opera 2020

“Resistência” by Telmo Lopes (ESML+FMH) 
Dance & Music Performance 2020

Contemporary Portuguese Music | CD Recording 2019

“Multidão” by Pedro F. Finisterra,
Miguel Diniz & Diogo da Costa Ferreira
Contemporary Monodrama 2019

“Punto de Fuga” Ciudad Abierta in MAAT
Open Multimedia & Dance Performance 2019

“Ad Lucem”
A Corda Teatro | Poetic Performance 2019

“Memória | okiya flor” by Érica Liane
Contemporary Opera 2018

“O Jardim” by Tiago Cabrita
Contemporary Opera 2018

“Nós, Trabalhadores” by Vicente Alves do Ó
Theater 2017

“Menos Emergências” by Martin Crimp/Ricardo Neves-Neves
Theater 2016

“Magnificat em Talha Dourada” by Eurico Carrapatoso
Sociedade Portuguesa dos Autores Prize | CD Recording 2016

“Europa Season” Romania
Concert Performance by “TianoPrio” Piano Trio [EMCN] 2016



Jaime Lourenço Jacob was born on October 24, 1994. Before beginning his formal musical education in 2011, he studied Visual Arts at Escola Secundária de Tavira. In the same city, he joined the music academy, studying with professor José Miguel Gomes.

In 2013, after only two years of studying violin, he successfully entered the School of Music at the National Conservatory of Lisbon, where he studied with violinist and composer Anne Victorino d’Almeida. He had the privilege of not only working closely with fantastic teachers from one of the best music schools in the country, but also having access to many concert stages, performance experience and classes with the great Portuguese masters.

Jaime has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Violin Performance) from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, where he studied with the violinist and teacher Tamila Kharambura, winner of the 1st Prize for the PJM and Young Musician of the Year Award 2011.

As a musician and violinist, Jaime Jacob collaborates with renowned artists from all over the world, from all kinds of artistic disciplines, and gives private music and violin classes.

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